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Published: 04.2015


Woody Allen, Profession: Cynic

Loved, despised, criticized, Woody Allen – who turns 80 in December 2015 – still leaves his mark on time, on history of cinema in particular, offering American comedy a tone, a name, a content. This little Jewish New-Yorker dreamt to be a baseball player. However, he finally chose to make laugh, to the great displeasure of his parents who wanted him to be a doctor or a lawyer. He kept laughing not to cry, to forget, a moment, only death.
From Play it again Sam to Magic in The Moonlight, Woody Allen is watching the world as is watching us: pitiless.
By reflecting on his life, his filmography, his favourite topics (God, Marx, Freud), his inspirations (Bergman, Fellini, Resnais, and also Sophocles), but also the women of his life (Louise Lasser, Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton), the portrait of a director for whom cynicism became a weapon as an antidote.

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