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Published: 01.1970


The City of Pink Lotus

Jezebel, an orphaned lady who had to leave England, and Jan Lukas, a beautiful explorer, finally decide to marry. From now, Jezebel and her daughter Mary-Leela know they are safe... or think they are! In fact, the baron von Rosenheim, her former fiancé, is determined to take back the Sher-Cîta medallion that Jezebel has always kept.
To ward her wife off of any danger, Jan charters a ship to New York. After a long and turbulent trip, she discovers an amazing city, far away from everything she ever knew. Jezebel, Jan and Mary-Lee settle in a wonderful house by the sea, in Long Island. But even at the other side of the world, danger is still around them. And some ghosts from the past still hold something against Jezebel...

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