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Published: 01.2018


Lives and Tales of Charles Aznavour

Now 94, songwriter, actor, public activist and diplomat, Charles Aznavour’s career spans over 70 years and more than 800 songs. He recorded more than 1,200 songs, sung in eight languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Armenian, Neapolitan and Russian). He sold over than 180 million records and has been dubbed “France’s Frank Sinatra”, while music critic Stephen Holden described Aznavour as “French pop deity”. In 1998, CNN and Time Online named him ‘Entertainer of the Century’. On 24 August 2017, Charles Aznavour was rewarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
However, nobody expected such a long career: in the 50’s he used to be Edith Piaf’s chauffeur (she was convinced he would never be successful).
Who actually is this popular showman? A more complex personality than it looks, who endured shames and envy… Some answers can also be found on his Armenian origins, a country which he enthusiastically supports; on his family and his youth during the Occupation, etc.
Robert Belleret, a relentless and scrupulous investigator, masks secrets and prejudices on an artist who always controlled his image and faked his biography.

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