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Published: 08.2016


Jim Morrison And The Lame Devil

Gene Vincent’s name is inseparable from his timeless hit, “Bee-bop-a- Lula”. But in 1968, times are not for rockabilly: fans want wildness! As for Jim Morrison, the iconic Doors’ singer, he wants to stop playing music and be a poet in Paris.

Los Angeles, Woodstock, Miami, Toronto, Paris… In this novel where real facts cross fiction, we meet John Lennon, Alice Cooper, Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, Charles Manson.

The real friendship between Jim Morrison and Gene Vincent, who died at a three months interval in 1971, is filled with suicidal trips, marital problems, alcohol, drugs, wanderings and blues.

“A well told story, with a very personal tone. The portray of generation that Embareck succed to vivify“ Le Figaro

“A very documentated book, the epic of one of the most romantic era of rock ‘n’ roll “ Rolling Stones

“A smoky road trip which swindles at the pace of the blues of these two rock ‘n’ roll heroes “ Les Échos 

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